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How a naïve stranger can rise above his aggressors and teach them about courage and honour.

Archer’s reward for being the most worthy student in his graduating class is to lose his home and all his friends.

Sent from his tranquil, medieval life to aggressive, modern-day England, Archer’s mission is to report back about cars, computers and even chocolate. The other foster boys try to break his spirit by threatening him with his own bow – they have no idea they are dealing with a trained warrior. He teaches them honour, integrity and archery; they teach him how to get in trouble with the authorities.

Forced to move foster homes, things go downhill as pink-haired Mandy takes a fancy to his athletic body - his warrior defences are useless against her obnoxious wiles. She seems determined to drag Archer into the shady world of Stiff and his gang of teenage shoplifters.

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Rory - Fact File
  • Blonde, blue eyes
  • Brave, spirited
  • Very bright
  • Adventurous
  • Resourceful
  • 12 yrs old
  • Friends: Archer and Tom
    Enemies: Mandy and Kelly

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    What people say about Rory:

    “Halfway though the book, I actually had to close down my Kindle and walk away; I knew just what that vile Mandy was going to do. Had it been a paper version, I would have had to skip ahead to see if she was going to get her comeuppance. Be proud of me; I did not cheat! Archer, of course (with his new friend Rory) had it well in hand, so I shouldn't have worried. I absolutely loved all the outsmarting of the bad-guy bits, and Ms. Gray did a fabulous job with expressing the values of "turning the other cheek," and "doing what's right because it's the right thing to do." Blackmail is just wrong, wrong, wrong!”

    Hannah Sullivan,

    “I really enjoyed Archer, the first book in this series. But I have to say: I enjoyed Rory more. I loved the new environment Archer was thrown into, and the author did a great job showing his character development, but still keeping him true to the character we fell in love with in book one.

    Archer faces a tough road in this story, and there are times when he seems utterly and unbearably alone. It's hard to read about a 16 year old facing such difficulties as bullying and an unhelpful foster care system. But the author catches the world brilliantly, and while this is a fascinating and enjoyable story, it also teaches a lot of lesson. Why people bully, how the victim feels, and how the bully feels.”

    J.D. Faulkner,

    “I read the first book in this series in a day and a half, and I read this one even quicker. In this installment, Archer is sent to modern day England and has the same kind of problems with bullies that he had at home. I love the way he handles himself in some pretty horrible situations and the way he finds justice for those involved.”

    Andrea Domanski,

    “Having read Jacky's first novel Archer, I was intrigued as to where we would go next with this character. Archer again comes to face more challenges with life, this time more so with girls in his life and how they can be so influential to get what they want. Jacky has certainly looked into the life of teenagers and written this novel to reflect this. I loved the cross over between the two aspects of life Archer has seen both the historic and the modern. I am looking forward to reading the next of her novels Reagan and learning about the White horses.

    The Bearded Dragon,

    “Rory, the follow up to Archer, is totally spectacular, but very different.
    Archer was completely out of his comfort zone with the modern teenagers
    but he handled himself well and brought the best out in others around him.”

    Drama Cat,
    Amazon reader

    “Author Jacky Gray’s novel ‘Rory’ is the follow up story of Archer, a brave teenage warrior from an alternate medieval England. The basic idea of a person from a different age interacting with the elements and people of the present lends itself to create many wonderful plot lines. And the author has utilized this beautifully to create a story about a young man coming to grips with changes happening both internally and externally. Rory also has plenty of laugh out loud moments as the author uses her keen observation to wriggle out laughs from even the unlikeliest of sources.”

    Kevin Peter,
    Amazon reader

    “Loved this book! Another excellent adventure in this series. I would recommend this to anyone interested in gripping and exciting storytelling. Great characters. Well worth a read.”

    Paula Yourell ,

    “The storyline takes an interesting turn when Archer, the engaging main character, leaves his medieval village to do "research" in contemporary England. Archer ends up in a foster home where bullies abound and he discovers his new friends are involved in a shoplifting ring. Archer must decide whether he will become a "rat" or protect his friends from themselves. "Rory" is an absorbing tale that mixes medieval with modern. As she did with the first novel in the series, Ms. Gray delivers a well-written, fast-paced work. It is targeted at teen-agers but enjoyable for all ages.”

    Veronica Richards,

    “Wonderful story telling! It only takes reading a few words for me to become completely captivated and absorbed into a different world. This is my second book I have read from this author, and I can't wait for the next one! Highly recommended!”

    Miss Black,
    Amazon reader

    “Really enjoyed the first two. Looking forward to reading Reagan, I’ve put it on my Christmas list.”


    “Utterly amazing, she has outdone herself again. Beware, Rory is not exactly what you might expect after reading Archer.”

    Age 12

    “Another of Jacky Gray's books which involve the reader to look at life's adventures through mystical all seeing eyes. Jacky's in touch with what kids and adults - after all we are all big kids - wish to read. Woven into the words as the pages unfold is a journey that we can all relate to and for me that is the magic of a good writer.”

    Maria Wheatley,

    “One thing I've found in life is that there are far more Edlyns in the world than there are Fletches and Finns. I enjoyed the archery scenes and the glimpses of the extreme training, but would have preferred to stay in Archer's world for a little while longer.”

    Archer and Historian

    “After loving Archer so much, I wasn’t sure at first because some of the characters were so horrible, but then I turned a page and we were back
    on familiar territory. I couldn’t put it down.”

    Hedge Witch

    “Like the best successor volumes, Rory has all the virtues of the first, with a kind of ease and assurance about it which make for very smooth reading.”

    Ronald Hutton,
    Professor of History

    “Not exactly what I was expecting after Archer, but thoroughly enjoyable all the same. Yet again, Archer has to prove himself against a multitude of nasty characters who test him in many new and different ways. Jacky obviously knows her way round modern teens and some of the action is quite edgy. Looking forward to the next book Reagan and the puzzle of the White Horses.”

    Blackadder 4th,
    Amazon reader

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