Anglecynn The name given to modern day people of Wessex
Baldric A belt worn over one shoulder; typically used to carry a weapon (e.g. a sword)
Bard A poet or singer, usually a teller of tales
Bodhrain Celtic hand-held drum, played with a small wooden tipper
Breeches Trousers
Buckler A small round shield used with a sword in close combat
Convey Bodyguard or escort, particularly on journeys
Dais Raised platform or stage
Fox & Geese A board game with marbles – similar to checkers/draughts
Gittern Stringed instrument that is plucked, similar to a guitar
Handball A game played in a small room with a ball and gloves; like racquetless squash
Joust A competition on horseback to show battle skills
Junior A child in the first stage of training – from 7-16
Lehren Equivalent to school, with the emphasis on learning rather than teaching
Magi One of the classes of Hengist: healers, scholars and officials
Nocking Lining up the flight of the arrow to the silk thread at the centre of the bowstring
Outil One of the classes of Hengist: craftsmen and farmers
Pell A wooden post planted firmly in the ground, used as a target when practising with the sword
Privy Toilet
Quintain Shield and dummy suspended from a swinging pole which rotates about a pivot when hit;
used for target practice with a lance on horseback
Renegate One of the classes of Hengist, rebels who broke away from the rest
Rouncey A war horse, cheaper, smaller and swifter than a destrier
Seneschal Chief steward, in charge of running the tourney
Senior From age 17, the education is specific to a trade or occupation, according to talents
Stump ball Also known as stool ball – an early form of cricket
Surcoat An outer coat or jacket
Tabard A sleeveless jacket, worn over a tunic and instead of a coat in warmer months
Tabula A board game with dice and counters, similar to backgammon
Tilt The wooden barrier separating two combatants in the joust, also used to mean a single charge in the joust
Tourney Tournament
Toxophily The art of archery
Trammazone An elegant, descending true-edge cut with a sword, it is a circular cut from the wrist, breaking to the inside
Tunic Could be of thin linen like a shirt or woollen like a jumper
Warrior One of the classes of Hengist: soldiers and gamekeepers
Waster A wooden replica of a sword used for training
Worthies Nine juniors identified for the Beltane tournament; each candidate would choose a worthy (a hero from history) and dress and act like them for the day