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Warwick BowmanAs so often happens with these things, Archer was born while I was in the middle of writing another book. Events were conspiring to ensure I wrote this book, the first was a trip to Warwick Castle where I stood enthralled with my friend Lindsey and our kids while the Warwick Bowman talked us through the history of the long bow. He treated us to the ultimate demonstration, firing 100 arrows in rapid succession through a loop of rope, approximately the size of a human head. I had also recently read the first two books in Bernard Cornwell’s excellent Grail Quest series – these obviously made a big impact.

So in July 2002, the idea was conceived for a book (The Colour of Light) featuring a young woman Aurora who could see people’s auras and her bodyguard, a perfect warrior called Archer. I was not long into my second career as a maths teacher, so I didn’t have a lot of time to indulge my hobby, but every school holiday saw a few thousand more words and the book was about half way through a year later when it was rudely interrupted by another story demanding to be told. Then another one and another until I had a six-book series of teen romances. Such is life. In February 2009 when I returned to The Colour of Light, all the tricky plotting and research issues which had put it on the back burner resolved themselves with very little effort. I finished the book with a sense of loss – I really wanted to spend some more time in that world with those characters.

Cherhill WH & Crop circleIn one of those perfect coincidences, Char (the best children’s bookseller I know) suggested that if I was struggling to market my teenage books for girls, why didn’t I try writing for teenage boys. One Eureka later, I decided that instead of writing a sequel, I would explore the kind of life experiences that made Archer who he was. Just in case the message wasn’t fully drummed in, the publicity machine had started for the X-men spin-off movie Wolverine, the back story of another perfect soldier. I couldn’t ignore all these messages from the universe, and 18 days and 56,000 words later, Archer’s tale was told. After a year spent mostly in Wessex, the next four books were drafted and I was ready to go back and start editing the first two books now that I could see the end points. The series Hengist: People of the Horse was born and is now into the seventh book, the first four of which are available on Amazon.

JackyJacky Gray’s first career was engineering and after 23 years writing software for telephone exchanges, she spent 10 years teaching children, occasionally introducing them to the delights of mathematics. She lives in the Midlands with her husband and three children, where she enjoys walking in nature and any kind of all live entertainment. She also watches a lot of movies and some great TV shows like Merlin, Robin Hood, Dr Who, Ashes to Ashes and Being Human. She also listens to a lot of Journey and Queen and reads (apologies to the adverb police) voraciously, especially Stephen King, Jodi Picoult, Stephenie Meyer, J.K. Rowling, Preston/Child and Wilbur Smith. Her favourite authors are masters of the character driven action series: Bernard Cornwell, Lee Child & George RR Martin.



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