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Winter 2015/6: Kinda fallow while I re-decorated the lounge, detoxed the bedroom and did a lot of Yule/Christmas stuff. Then hubby got Netflix and it's bye-bye Jan/Feb. Ok, so I have been away writing an adult book, but after that gets released in March, it's full steam ahead with the 6th book Aurora, and a box set of the 1st 3 Hengist books.

Autumn 2015: Geraint features not one, but three Samahin ceremonies, so 31st October was a no-brainer for the release.That's Halloween to most of the world.

Summer 2015: These new covers are renewing interest, with a couple of funky new characters making Rory the #1 Hot New Release in Medieval in the US. On 22nd, all 3 books (Archer, Rory, Slater) were in the top 20 in the UK and the top 100 in the US. Then in August, Reagan's deal saw three of the Hengist books with funky #1 banners. So cool.

May 2015: So it's mayday. When else are you gonna re-release Archer, complete with new cover (designed by the awesome Rebecca Sterling) and a coupla new 500W Certificate scenes, with a cheeky Lady Godiva moment, and the opening scene for the screenplay. Oh yeah, it topped a couple of YA charts and was in the bestsellers list in 4 different countries on 27th May. How awesome?

Spring 2015: Unfortunately, the real world beckoned (make that shouted) and I had to toe the line and teach math full time. Boo. Then ABNA was cancelled. Double Boo. Still did the 500 words though. Even got a certificate for it.

No 1 BestsellerDec 2014: So after some great sales and publicity for Slater, I decided to shine the spotlight on Reagan with a special offer. How awesome - over 30 books downloaded on the first day. Result!

Nov 22nd 2014: That good feeling was Slater Book trailerright. Straight in at #1 in an Amazon Bestseller list! I'm so excited I could ...
(fill in your own blank).

Oct-Nov 2014: Finally (it's only taken 2 years!), I'm pleased and proud to announce the release of Slater (book#4). I have a good feeling about this, based on feedback from beta-readers.

Jul-Sep 2014: Not a lot happening on the writing front, but did hold a workshop, you can find out more here. Also developing a creative writing therapy and some courses.

WWW Best Sellers

May-Jun 2014: Crazy busy doesn't even come close. The WWW released 6 books in 5 weeks, all of which made it into the Amazon Bestsellers lists. Genius!

Mar-Apr 2014: After a deal of trans-Atlantic chatter some lovely ladies and myself formed the World Wise Writers group to support, nurture and promote each other through the jungle of publishing books. Find out more here.

Winter 2013

Jan-Feb 2014: Third year in a row doing the ABNA/500words double. Really excited about the new first page for Rory - go have a look. And since Chris Evans asked us all to go into the schools, I've been running workshops in the schools - read more here.

Winter 2013: Had a wonderful break with Lynne, visiting Sarah, Tim and Bramie in the lakes. Solstice: saw the sun set on Glastonbury Tor and didn't see it rise in soggy Avebury in the company of around 100 pagans led by the Archdruid and his wonderful Crone - more here.


Aug-Oct 2013: Ok, so I thought when I stopped working full-time as a researcher at Coventry University things would get a little easier, but guess what? My old job at Foxford changed beyond all recognition and they asked for two days extra so its been 4 days teaching, 3 days planning. Did get an amazing holiday in Barbados though!


Apr-Jul 2013:You know that dream job? It's been kinda full-on for a while - the busiest spring/early summer for a while but all in such a good cause - will reveal all when it's over. Otherwise, if I tell you - well you know the cliche. But Archer was lucky enough to gain the prestigious indiePENdents much coveted Seal of Approval. Guess I can write a bit after all. J

500 Words and ABNA

Jan-Mar 2013: ABNA stole my January and February, 500 words is taking chunks outta March along with an exciting new crit group of ABNA authors. Then I won every author's dream job - persuading reluctant-reader year 7's to read J

Nov-Dec 2012: Massive activities in the states taking part in a bunch of fb events to raise money for charities like victims of hurricane Sandy. Was adopted by a wonderful lady Jasmin who ran competitions to promote the books, hence the gold stars. Finished Aurora - Yay! Massive thanks to Anthony for his stunning work on the book trailer.

July-Sept 2012: 3 trips to Wales and 3 days in Cambridge - if you think this sounds more like holiday than research, you'd be right! Aurora is already 65,000 words and I'm only halfway through. Massive snip job methinks. Mercian gathering was the best yet!

June 2012: The month of the Fae - firstly The Magical Faery Festival - a truly magical experience with a bunch of enchanting people. Jaime Black, Matthew Callow and several others played, sang and entertained beautifully - superb fun was had by all. Then a gloriously muddy weekend in Cornwall at Karen Kay's 3 Wishes Faery Festival where I was thrilled and privileged to meet Brian and Wendy Froud - an incredibly (world-class) creative couple - both talented authors and artists and the friendliest, most interesting speakers you could wish to meet. Their new book about Trolls is amazing. More pix here.

May 2012: Competitionsville city - entered The Writer's Voice, and created my very first blog - do have a look and tell me what you think. Jaime will be performing at a couple of Fairy festivals in June, which inspired me to create a coursebook about writing Fairy Stories called Telling your Happy Ever After.

March-April 2012: Finished the coursebook about the publishing process Releasing the Book Within and ran the first writing workshop - great feedback, but it was a tad on the intense side, people were saying there was enough material for two days, not one. Also entered the BRIT Writers competition. Who's been a busy little bee?

February 2012: Published my writing coursebook Burning the Midnight Oil and had great fun judging entries (written by under 9's - they were so-oo cute) for Chris Evan's 500 word young writer's competition. Through to the last 1000 in ABNA - Yay!


January 2012: Very intense month - publishing a superb Tarot coursebook for Happy Glastonbury, an excellent Crystal Healing coursebook for Path to Love and submitting Archer to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, in conjunction with Penguin.

Nov 2011: My last visit to God's own country - this time I got all the way down to Preseli. I spent many days during the summer in the beautiful Mid-Welsh Mountains researching the 6th book - the stories are flowing thick and fast.


October 2011: Saw my good friend Jaime Black performing in Glastonbury - she is an incredibly talented singer songwriter. She loves the books and I am hoping to persuade her to write a song for Archer - check out her website.

August 2011: Bit of a technical problem getting supplies of Reagan through to Amazon, but it's finally there! Celebrated by giving the books a plug on Ken Bruce's Popmaster. Zoe Ball was amazing - I'm just sorry we put her through another tie-break!

May 8th 2011: Book signing at the newly re-named Happy Glastonbury (just opposite the Abbey - the St Michael Ley line runs straight through the shop). I met some amazing people there - all three books are now available from Happy Glastonbury including the new white covers for Reagan and Rory.

April 24th 2011: Fantastic day at the Medieval Re-enactors Fayre in Glastonbury, people loved posing with Kevin's sword and mail. Big thanks to Paul Lawrence for creating a magnificent event - the sun really does shine on the righteous. Looking forward to next year.

March 20th 2011: Reagan is now available on Lulu and can be ordered from Amazon.

February 2011: Reagan is simmering nicely. Anthony's latest cover is truly inspired, (have a sneak preview on the Reagan page) and thanks to Steph and Conor for giving their time and talent so close to Christmas. Huge thanks to Norman, Barry, Stella, Linda, Sarah and Hannah for their amazing efforts in proof-reading, I'm hoping it's a lot easier with all those hard sums taken out. And there's even pictures, including a map! Good times!

The Re-enactor

24th December: Congratulations to Ania and Claire who both won signed copies of Archer in a competition in "The Re-enactor" ezine. They both gave excellent suggestions for songs that could be played when Archer is made into a movie. Huge thanks to Jason O'Keefe for his amazing effort in promoting the books in this excellent international publication.

14th December: Visited the children's ward at Coventry University hospital to entertain with an extract and some authentic props.

Path To Love4th December: Rory launched at Angel Path Inspiration, now called Path To Love in Coventry market - a magical day meeting lots of wonderful people. Many thanks to Kerry for her limitless enthusiasm and constant inspiration. I would never have got this far without you.♥

St Dunstans15th November: Book Week at St Dunstan's in Glastonbury - an exhilarating day talking to year 7 and 8 pupils about writing and characterisation with Barbara Spencer.

Linda Ashworth at Warneford Radio2nd November: Recorded a "Desert-Island-Discs" style interview with Linda Ashworth for Radio Warneford's Bookspeak programme, broadcast at 7pm on Wednesday 10th November. Click here to read more about it. 

2nd October at Growing Needs in Market Place, Glastonbury
Thanks to Marianna, Paul, Cara and Brian.
Watch the author talking on YouTube about Archer and Rory.

18th September at Kenilworth Books in Talisman Square, Kenilworth. Thanks to Frances, Alex and Rebecca for their support.

11th September at Warwick Books in Market Square, Warwick. Thanks to Keith and Kevin from History Squad.

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The official launch for Archer was held at Kenilworth Castle on Tuesday 24th August, and the rain held off long enough to get some stunning pictures. Click here to read about the day.

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