Here's the first five in their new livery. Awesome. Good job, Rebecca.

So after a couple of years and some great ides, we now have a new cover designer - Rebecca Sterling. She brings a vibrant energy to the project and is very in touch with what is selling right now. Here are the first couple of designs. Let me know what you think.



The History of the Hengist Covers

I've had a lot of fun in the past couple of years travelling all over the country researching these books and some of the resulting photos seemed perfect for book covers. I like the idea of having two sets of covers, one with beautiful photos, usually drenched in light, the other more symbolic and arty. Here are some of the stages along the way, including designs from students in the art department at Henley College who created some wonderful ideas in one of their modules.


By Rob Hennesey Dempster

Warwick Castle

Designed by Anthony Askew

Designed by Anthony Askew

Chepstow Castle


Kenilworth Castle

Designed by Anthony Askew

Designed by Anthony Askew

Glastonbury Tor


Cherhill W.Horse

Designed by Anthony Askew

Designed by Anthony Askew

Avebury Stone Circle

The following covers aren't the finished articles, just the ideas I've had for the green and white covers. Of course, when Anthony gets his hands on them, they'll look a heck of a lot better ...

Slater Green

Geraint Green

Slater White

Geraint White

Huge thanks to Anthony, Josh, Kevin, Conor, Steph, Cory, Tommy and Beth for your part in the creation of these covers. Hope you enjoyed the experience. J