Geraint - renegate

Geraint bookThe chief's son who unites the warring factions against the evil oppressors.

Geraint’s life is Hell. He despises his father’s scavenging lifestyle and loathes the brutal training designed to make him worthy of being the next Renegate leader. During the combat trial, he bests a nasty bully who seeks revenge.

Light brightens Geraint’s darkness when he meets Siany, a Townie girl who teaches him how to read, write and believe in himself. This meeting of souls awakens strong powers in both of them, but the bully severs their connection, plunging him back to that dark place.

Prophetic dreams help Geraint to save Siany’s family from cut-throat bandits, who go on to besiege Oxford, a stepping stone to ruling the land. Geraint and Siany’s role in uniting their peoples against this evil is crucial, working alongside the legendary Archer. When the warrior’s nemesis joins the murderous band, death and destruction seem inevitable.

Never Underestimate the Power of Thought!

Geraint - Fact File
  • Black hair, grey eyes
  • Misfit
  • Quiet dignity
  • Hates bullies
  • Inner strength
  • Tuned into earth energy
  • Friends: Siany, Savannah and Tamas
    Enemies: Manfrid and Edlyn

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    Medieval Oxford


    What people say about Geraint:

    “I've read every book in this series and have loved each of them. Renegates have played a role in several of the stories, but this is the first one where they take center stage. I really loved getting to know Geraint and the Renegate lifestyle. Of course, the adventure contained both inner and outer battles, and the spiritual magic that I've grown to love in this series. The characters are fully believable and I found myself rooting for more than just the main character in this one.”

    Andrea Domanski,

    “These stories are alternate histories, as in fantasy (and yes, sometimes, the characters travel to different dimensions) yet they seem to be rooted in a very realistically and accurately portrayed Medieval period. And I love the adventure, the jousting and the trials, the Beltane rituals, even the descriptions of food gathered, prepared and eaten, along with the herbal healing techniques. But most of all I love the MAGIC! This series reminds me of Mists of Avalon most in this regard, especially Geraint. The latest offering of The People of the Horse is world building at its best. From the opening pages I was pulled in, and as the story unfolds, I went deeper and deeper into Geraint's troubled world.”

    Alice Bell,

    “Refreshingly at odds with a host of cliché-ridden novels which worm their way up the bestseller lists, Gray has penned an original and rich story world that’s easy to fall in love with. Drawing you in from the first page, the medieval overtures are particularly well thought out and integrated into the fabric of the modern world Gray has created, whilst her narrative is thoughtful and engaging. Filled with complex characters, they don’t come any better than Geraint whose intriguing personality becomes satisfyingly more intricate as the plot evolves. For fans of the Hengist series this will come as no surprise.
    A rousing and highly entertaining page turner, Geraint proves a fine addition to the Hengist series and is sure to be well received by its many fans. One you won’t want to miss, it is highly recommended.

    Review Site

    “If you love wild pigs, affectionate dogs, old crones, invisible children, and an unusual love story involving a mystical, magical connection between the lovers, you'll love Geraint. Having been a longtime fan of Jacky Gray's Hengist series, I was particularly excited to see Ms. Gray add romance to the story. I enjoyed watching Geraint and Siany fall in love as well as watching a relationship develop between Geraint's father and a sexy, old crone. The crone became my favorite character in the story as she was full of surprises!"

    Veronica Richards,

    “Ah, wow. I've really enjoyed the Hengist series; each book has been a fascinating mixture of excitement and adventure, part history lesson and part mystical dream. And each new book becomes my new favorite in the series. Ms. Gray did not disappoint with this fifth installment. Geraint delves into the Renegate life, the balance of honor and survival, and truth as it is vs. truth as we color it. I love the interplay of title character Geraint and Siany, the fabulous descriptions of ancient festivals, the meeting of new characters and the return of several favorites-- plus a surprise that was solved just as it should have been. I think this author somehow knows these people because she writes like she's just letting them live in front of us.”

    Hannah Sullivan,

    “The characters feel so real you can't help but cheer for them. The overall world draws you in and the pace of the book makes it a fast read. The target audience may be teens, but in my 60's I was thoroughly engrossed. I was provided a complimentary copy of this book so I could give an honest review.”

    Robin A Woodell,
    Amazon reader

    “I have really enjoyed reading the Hengist series so far and Geraint is no exception. The books just get better and better and with each one I find myself submerged in a rich fantasy world that feels increasingly familiar without losing any of its magic. It's hard to pick a favourite from the series so far but Geraint has to be in the running.”

    Amazon reader

    “I’m always looking for something a little different in the Fantasy genre and this series ticks all the right boxes for me. It’s totally original is well written and above all has a whole lot of great characters. In my opinion the books can be read as standalone novels but you get a far greater understanding of the world setting if you start the series from the beginning and read the books in order. No problem here in awarding 5 stars.”

    Chloe Stroud,
    Amazon reader

    “Action, adventure, romance amidst a majestic backdrop of historical Britain. All it was missing was dragons. The main protagonist, Geraint finds his place in a a scavenger tribe world where honor meets theft. As his tribe is threatened by a competing Scavenging clan that lack the morals and honor of Geraint's, he must fight and save his love and his world. I enjoyed the writing of this author. The description of the magic was beautiful and subtle while the characters well-drawn and likable. I look forward to more of this story.”

    John H. Whicker,
    Amazon reader

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