Reagan - magi

Reagan bookDecode the mysteries of white horses, crop circles and ley lines to save his people? No pressure, then.

Reagan knows he’s nothing special; his mother reminds him often enough. Being shy and scruffy makes him inadequate in her eyes; winning the Garlanding and scoring 100% on his graduation tests are of little consequence. But his mathematical skills and ability to sense ley lines are essential to the council for determining the cause of dangerous accidents in the village. Aided by his spirit guide and an irreverent trainer, Kalen, sparks fly when they meet Reeve, daughter of the leading authority on white horses.

The quest becomes a race against time as an epidemic claims numerous casualties. Can Reagan solve the puzzle before his perilous gift destroys him, as it did so many chosen children?

Believe and Live your Dream!

Reagan - Fact File
  • Dark hair, green eyes
  • Skinny, short, scruffy
  • Dreamer
  • Feels ley-lines
  • Talks to trees
  • Incredibly good at maths
  • Friends: Taryn, Molan, Amiera and Rowena
    Enemies: Godryk and Edlyn

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    Wessex White Horses

    If you watched Countryfile on 26th June 2011, you will have
    seen the fabulous Matt Baker helping to scour the Cherhill horse.
    Click here to read more about it, or try Countryfile

    When reading Reagan, it's really helpful to have a map to work out the positions of the White Horses, so I've included a copy of this one at the front of the book.

    What people say about Reagan:

    “I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the Hengist series, but there is something about this one in particular that really speaks to me. I can't put a finger on it, but it has to do with the way the author spins this one out, with the mixing of the mystery and the mystical. Written cleanly, with life to the words, I was put in Reagan's village, dreaming his dreams and living along-side him. In this book we greet old friends and meet new characters. I am in love with learning about the histories portrayed in a country I can only visit in my head. The way Ms. Gray talks about nature, and the respect of it, echos the way I feel and try to live in my own life.”

    Hannah Sullivan,

    “Just finished reading Reagan and thought I would let you know I much I enjoyed it. It has been a while since I have found a book that I just wanted to carry on reading! It was a pleasure to get to know the characters and I have gone straight ahead and ordered the other two books. The book included many of the topics I have taken an interest in over recent years such as crop circles, white horses etc. and I loved the way the story wove these together. I look forward to reading the other two books.”

    Amazon reader

    “I'm not a math nerd, but thoroughly enjoyed looking for patterns along with Reagan. I picked up this book because I have an unnatural obsession with the chalk horses of England and was not disappointed! This is a well-researched slice of both topics (math, I mean...)! I encourage anyone with teens who are interested in Medieval times and legends to pass this on to them. It is a very good coming-of-age story which shows young people making decisions that will define them and shape them into persons of character.”

    L.A. Rikand,

    “Reagan, the third book in Jacky Gray 's Hengist series, is the most intriguing story in this series thus far. Reagan is a particularly well-developed character with many facets to his personality. On one hand, he is a son struggling to please his parents while also a young man whose talents win the respect of Malduc, the leader of the elder council. Ms. Gray does an excellent job presenting Reagan's internal psychological struggle between the teenager in him and the side of him that is a level-headed professional. The series is targeted at teenagers but continues to have great cross-over appeal due to Ms. Gray 's clean writing style and meticulous research. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series .”

    Amazon reader

    “Another great addition to the Hengist series. I'm an avid lover of history and the medieval time period is one of my favorites. I really enjoy Gray's attention to detail, as well as her excellent twist on a historical setting. It was so fun to read the author's explanation of the white horses (it makes me want to go searching through the English countryside myself!) Reagan is another wonderful character, and takes his rightful place alongside the other heroes of this story. Can't wait to read the next one.”

    Amazon reader

    “I really do love this series. Reagan, for me anyway, was the most fun as it delves into the mysteries of the white horses that dot the English countryside as well as crop circles. The author does a great job mixing fact with fiction and by the end I really believed I understood the truth behind those mysteries. I loved following Reagan from geeky school kid to intrepid hero trying to save his community. Their were other great characters surrounding him, some trying to help and some not, that rounded out the story well. Although I purchased the books in this series for my kids, I have to admit that I enjoy reading them as much as they do.”

    Avid Reader,
    Amazon reader

    “I think this is my favourite of Jacky Gray's Hengist series. I could really relate to Reagan's sweet awkwardness and found him really believable and so very human. His relationship with his family, mother especially, was well drawn out and totally relatable. All in all, a great read!.”

    DMJ's Girl,
    Amazon reader

    “I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review. These books transition from one to the next so well I feel like they arnt even different books. The characters just pop right off the page. Reading these books are like watching a play in my mind. I can hear their voices and see their faces as I read page after page. As the third book of this series I think it is very well done. Jacky Gray is a great author, truly does bring the characters to life. One of my many favorites.”

    Lynn LaCroix,
    Amazon reader

    “Reagan is the book’s hero, although it’s a term he himself wouldn’t like to be called. He is a boy genius who unfortunately doesn’t get the recognition that he deserves even from his own parents. He is a regular teenager, the one who isn’t popular for his looks or athletic ability and has problems interacting with girls and fending off bullies; all in all a true blue underdog character. But his superior reasoning skills and a higher code of living makes him a character you want to know more about. The book makes clever use of wit & humor and there’s plenty of information about each character and the alternate world the author has created for them. Even if you are new to the Hengist books, Reagan works well as a standalone novel.”

    Kevin Peter,
    Amazon reader

    “Jacky Gray's Archer is a well-researched book into the lives, rituals and beliefs of early Britains. I recommend this book to young people who are learning about Celtic culture or indeed to those who love this world. Jacky offers so much material, in such an authentic way, a true delight.”

    Amazon reader

    “Another pacey book - a great way to get lost for an evening or two. Follow Reagan and his friends as they travel around Wessex trying to explain the reasons behind the white horses and their locations. I found this book almost as hard to put down as when I first read Archer. I can't wait to see where we will go with the next book.

    The Bearded Dragon,

    “I loved the intricate plotting behind the Wessex White Horses - having seen one up close and stood inside a crop circle, I understand the fascination and it's quite an ingenious idea. Although lacking the excitement of physical battles in Archer ans Rory, Reagan's adventures are no less compelling. The detail about dowsing ley lines was comprehensive and I feel sure she must have practised this art.”

    Warrior Princess

    “One thing is for sure - Reagan is no Archer, but I still find I have a disturbing amount in common with him. It was great to be back in Jacky's parallel universe, although it seems a little less Utopian with so many atrocities going on. Once more, Jacky has surrounded her protagonist with a strong supporting cast. I'm sure many will relate to Kalen's big brother character, especially his ineptitude with the fairer sex and I was enchanted by the barrel race - it felt so right, it set me wondering if I was once a cooper. And how does she propose to top this? Time travel and the stories of Avebury and Stonehenge - I can't wait.”

    Blackadder 4th,
    Amazon reader