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Slater bookThe boy who outwits the wicked shaman to uncover the secrets of the stone temples.

Slater is the son of Mason, but he will never be a chip off the old block. Although his father is responsible for maintaining Aveburgh henge, Slater is more interested in learning about the ceremonies held amongst the stones.

Torn from a solstice celebration into a real-life nightmare, Slater's talent for reading ley lines upsets dark forces. Ancient magic pulls him back in time to reveal his connection to primeval secrets. There, he is teased by formidable priestesses who teach him the power of earth energies. Slater’s ability to solve problems under pressure is his strongest weapon against terrifying shamen who want only one thing from him – his death.

He can tell that the ancient stone temples are not built correctly, but what will happen if he interferes with the past?

Together we can Work it Out!

Slater - Fact File
  • Redhead, blue eyes
  • Lean but strong
  • Loner
  • Practical
  • Problem solver
  • Feels ley lines
  • Friends: Aurala, Roldan and Lunella
    Enemies: Tauroch and Talnach

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    Stone temples - Avebury and Stonehenge
    Who built them and why? What was the purpose of each component of the complex designs and why did they change and grow throughout their lifetimes? Join Slater in his adventures with people who led far more advanced lives than we could ever dream about and find out some of the mysteries of these enigmatic structures.

    The Serpent Temple at Aveburgh

    Serpent Temple

    Aveburgh Henge Stonehenge
    Avebury Stonehenge


    Michael Mary

    What people say about Slater:

    “I thoroughly enjoyed Slater. It covered my favorite topic from ancient history - Stonehenge. I was lucky enough to wander through Stonehenge a few years ago, so seeing its creation (fictional as it might be) was fantastic. The different timelines that Slater is thrown into, and the challenges he meets, are really cool.

    I have two middle-school-aged children that have just started this series and I couldn't be happier about it. With all the garbage clogging up their brains from the internet and some of the best-selling books out there, having them read something like this is refreshing. It's exciting and suspenseful, while also being educational and moral. I loved it, they're loving it, so I'm happy.”

    Andrea Domanski,

    “I’ve just waved goodbye to Slater and what a fantastic tale! Jacky Gray’s writing is interesting and intelligent and she weaves her clever story through timelines flawlessly. Jacky provides fascinating detail about Stonehenge within this fictional story. She blends the mystical and the spiritual throughout and her descriptive language is a pleasure to enjoy. Although Slater is aimed at teens, the pace, content and maturity of the main character make it also a perfect choice for adults too. If you enjoy Michelle Paver’s excellent series “Chronicles of Ancient Darkness” then you will love this book. I eagerly await the next instalment of this exciting and intriguing adventure series!

    Paula Yourell,

    “Jacky Gray's "Slater" is an intriguing tale about how the ancients of Great Britain built and used Stonehenge. That story would be interesting enough but Ms. Gray has delivered this historical overview through the viewpoint of Slater, a character from her Hengist series. It is always fun to absorb history in fictional form!

    This novel is a wonderful addition to the Hengist series, with great characters and a plot that stretches across millennia, but what I loved most is the Stonehenge is truly the main character. I have always been fascinated with this henge, as is most of the world. Ms. Gray has really done her research and delivered an engaging tale. I highly recommend this book to young people who enjoy stories about time travel, history, and the metaphysical as well as to those, like me, who are just young at heart."

    Amazon Reader

    “What a fantastic time travel adventure! I can't wait for my son to be old enough to read this, I think he's going to adore it. I know I did! It's packed with heart-pounding moments, as Slater gets thrown back in time to when Stonehenge was being built. I find the history of stone circles particularly fascinating, and Ms. Gray did a fantastic job of weaving intelligent research with vivid fantasy in a way that kept me reading (and guessing!) long into the night. Slater is another stellar addition to the Hengist series, and I sure hope there will be more!”

    S.M. Freedman,

    “Slater is a fantastic read, and one that will be enjoyed by a reader of any age. The characters are fantastic and the setting is well-researched and wonderfully described. But to me, the best part of the story is the joy and excitement which Gray writes it. You can tell it's a subject she is particularly interested in, and that love of the topic really makes the story shine. A great addition to an already awesome series. I look forward to seeing what happens next!”

    J.D. Faulkner,

    “Slater is a great read for anyone who enjoys adventures, English histories, or stories about mystical locals like Stonehenge. I love how Jacky Gray uses a fictional base to share historical facts and guesses. I've never been to England, but I would love to go and see the sites mentioned in this book. In fact, I think it would be great fun to be Slater for a couple days and, like him, be able to travel back and witness some of the histories unfolding and ceremonies developing! On par with the earlier books of the Hengist series, Ms. Gray has used rich language and descriptions to make the reader feel like they are a part of the experience.”

    Hannah Sullivan,

    “Jacky Gray’s narrative is filled with carefully researched and meticulously planned historical imaginings. The plot is gripping and suspenseful, especially with the threat of the evil shaman Tauroch hanging over Slater’s head early on in the book. The character development deserves full marks as well, be that of Slater or even Aurala and the mutual respect they have for each other really comes out in Gray’s writing. The writing and the language too deserve extra praise for recreating an imaginary world in the minds of the book’s readers and that too in such a vivid and grand manner.

    Slater manages to draw you into its midst, making you a part of its world and you will bear witness to the character’s hopes and struggles. Gray’s recreation of an ancient civilization is beautiful and she makes the world of Stonehenge come alive. A great cast of characters and a fascinating story helps Slater earn its spot in the list of best historical fictional novels.”

    Kevin Peter,
    Amazon reader

    “I love this series...couldn't stop reading them.”

    Linda W,
    Amazon reader

    “The Druids and Stonehenge is an era I'm drawn to. As a frequent visitor to Stonehenge and Avebury, I can visualise Slater's journey.”

    Susan Mapp,
    Amazon reader

    “Intriguing plot and great characters. Would recommend for people with Medieval or Metaphysical interests!”

    Amazon reader

    “Really good book takes you right into the story. Good for all ages, can't wait to read the others in the series.”

    Linda Catterall,
    Amazon reader