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Archer - Warrior

One boy’s fight against adversity to find friendship,
romance and the generosity to love his enemy.
Archer - Avebury Henge -     www.catkinlodge.fsnet.co.uk/itinary.htm

Rory - Anglecynn

How a naïve stranger can rise above his aggressors
and teach them about courage and honour.
Rory - Glastonbury Tor - www.myspace.com/mysts_of_avalon

Reagan - Magi

The chosen boy who decodes the mysteries of white
horses, crop circles and ley lines to save his people.
Reagan - Uffington White Horse -     www.hows.org.uk/personal/hillfigs/uff/uffing.htm

Slater - Outil

The boy who outwits wicked shaman to
uncover secrets of the stone temples.
Slater - Stonehenge - www.myspace.com/thejourneytodragonhill

Geraint - Renegate

The son of the Renegate leader who unites 
warring factions against the evil oppressors.
Geraint - White Horse Stone, Kent -  www.whitehorsestone.org/gallery